Burgos paintings showcased at Biotech Week

JOSE “Sonny” T. Burgos III, farmer-visual artist and eldest son of press freedom icon Joe Burgos, Jr. will be showcasing 12 of his acrylic paintings during the National Biotechnology Week on November 20-24 at the Expo Hall 1 of the Fisher Mall, Quezon City.

Dubbed “Linang: Agriculture biotechnology and art”, Sonny Burgos decided to paint his thoughts on agriculture biotechnology which he believes is the solution to the problem that farmers face nowadays. He has been painting for 38 years.

He left city life in 1996 and decided to join the family in their San Miguel, Bulacan farm. He has lived as a farmer since then.

“I have planted rice, corn and vegetables and personally experienced the difficulties most farmers face in the production of agricultural crops. Excessive use of chemicals against pests, high cost of production and the unpredictability of the seasons are just three of them,” he said.

He believes that farmers need help in addressing these problems.

“We should also take the issue of food security more seriously,” he added, believing that science such as biotechnology is the key. He further stated that biotechnology has advanced these past few decades and taking advantage of these benefits will do a lot for farmers and their families.

-Published in the Malaya Business Insight.  See original article link here.