China, Pakistan to enhance bilateral cooperation in agriculture sector

BEIJING: A World renowned company in the field of Hybrid rice production, Tianjin Tianlong Agricultural Science and Technology has shown keen interest in enhancing bilateral cooperation with Pakistan.

The company is engaged in new crop breed research and its industrialization, deep process technology for agricultural products and forage biotechnology research and industrialization, crop seeds production and distribution.

The company was having a good export of it’s hybrid rice to Pakistan as China Pakistan Economic Corridor has provided enormous opportunities to cooperate more, said a company’s representative.

Tianlong not only focused in seeds research, but it has also expanded the business in many fields, such as, hybrid rice seeds trading, processing technological researches for agricultural products, the feed’s biotechnology research, agricultural products import & export, but also focuses on advanced agricultural project investments.

It is the second largest exporter of hybrid rice seeds in China while already had few customers in 10 countries including Pakistan, Hongkong, Indonesia, North and South Korean, Vienan.

The Company’s representative told to a vising media’s delegation that they were also supplying agricultural machinery, rice fertilizer and mixed feed to different countries.

The hybrid rice production technology of the company was 25 years ahead than its competitors in all over the world.

The delegation was informed that the company was wholly responsible for hybrid rice production in North and South China.

-Published in Pakistan Observer.  See original article link here.