Consumers Trust GMOs More When Labeled, Vermont Study Reveals

Labeling improves consumers’ attitudes on genetically modified food products, according to a study published in the scientific journal, Science Advances.

The study involved 7,800 respondents and was conducted at Vermont,the only American state that implemented a mandatory package labeling of GMO products back in 2016.

Although the Vermont law was short-lived, it allowed for scientists to compare Vermonters’ opinions towards GMO than the rest of America. It revealed that after labeling, there was actually 19% less opposition towards GMO – a contrast to the assertions of those who lobbied against the law that labels would only scare consumers away.

Economist Jane Kolodingmolabelbill_custom_46bd1ad501cdee90a9a3b87506c719c1ef35eecc_s900_c85.0sky who led the study said, “There’s this assertion out there that technology will scare people away, but people actually want to know how their food is produced.” Transparency is the key to gaining consumers’ trust towards GMOs, she highlighted.


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