DA to strengthen biotechnology research

Davao City – Department of Agriculture (DA) Undersecretary Ariel T. Cayanan announced that the government will strengthen biotechnology research to increase the efficiency of the agriculture sector in the country and address the issues facing the Filipino farmers.

“Our strategy and action agenda at the department entails intensive technology updating and sharing, modernizing and mechanizing our agriculture and fisheries sector,” he said during the opening day of the 12th National Biotech Week at the Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM) here last Monday

He said that they have devised strategies and action agenda, which include, among others, intensive technology updating and sharing, modernizing and mechanizing agriculture and the fisheries sector that will transform the agriculture and fisheries enterprise from being a resource-based to being technology-based.

Cayanan acknowledged the biotechnology’s role in providing workable solutions to addressing issues such as poverty, insufficient food production, frequent natural disasters like typhoons, La Niña, El Niño, and outbreaks in infectious disease.

He said biotechnology was a “game-changer,” that could strengthen agricultural productivity, food security and poverty alleviation, environmental remediation, and robust health management.

He added that they believe biotechnology can help the country attain food security amid a “galloping rise in our population and the diminishing area and quality of our arable lands.”

“With precision tools and approaches like DNA-marker assisted breeding, our scientists-researchers are working hard and fast on developing high-yielding, pest and stress-resistant varieties,” he said.

-Written by Antonio L. Colina IV in Manila Bulletin.  See article link here.

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