Radio Interviews about Biotechnology and Other Related Topics (Radyo Teknolohiya)

Radyo Teknolohiya (Technology on Radio) is a free-flowing discussion program about biotechnology and related topics, particularly local agricultural research and technologies. It aims to inform and share to the general Filipino public the principles, applications, status, developments, issues and trends, and experiences in biotechnology, particularly crop biotech, Bt eggplant in the Philippines, and other related issues in a Filipino language discussion with guest experts.

Radyo Teknolohiya is hosted by Ms. Melly Tenorio. It is aired every Friday, 9:00 PM at DZRB Radyo ng Bayan 738 kHz AM radio.

Here are some of the radio interviews with key stakeholders:


Radyo Teknolohiya: Interview with Ms. Kristine Grace Natividad-Tome, a biotech communicator (Philippines)

Ms. Kristine Grace Natividad-Tome, Program Associate of Global Knowledge Center on Crop Biotechnology of the International Service for the Acquisition of ...
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Radyo Teknolohiya: Interview with Charles Anthony Vega, DILG official (Philippines)

Listen to the interview of Radyo Teknolohiya with Mr. Charles Anthony Vega, Local Government Operations Officer III of the Bureau ...
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Radyo Teknolohiya: Interview with Dr. Maribel Zaporteza, a biotech R&D official (Philippines)

Dr. Maribel Zaporteza, the Deputy Program Director of the Philippine Genome Center shares her perspective on genetic engineering and GMOs ...
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Radyo Teknolohiya: Interview with Fr. Noli Alparce, a Filipino priest

Fr. Emmanuel Noli Alparce, a Filipino Catholic priest, tackles the moral and ethical stance of the Catholic Church on biotechnology ...
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Radyo Teknolohiya: Interview with Joseph Benemerito, biotech farmer (Philippines)

Joseph Benemerito, a biotech corn farmer from Alfonso Lista, Ifugao, Philippines, shares his experiences in biotech corn farming and how biotechnology ...
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