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Photo credit: Cornell Alliance for Science

Catholic priest urges religious leaders to advocate for science

The Rev. Emmanuel “Father Noli” Alparce, a Catholic priest in the Philippines, has called on religious leaders to advocate for ...
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More than a hundred delegates from Southeast Asia composed of scientists, risk assessors, regulators, partners from the industry, research institutions, academe, and government and private organizations converged during the Symposium on Risk Assessment and Regulation of Genome Edited Plants on October 8-9, 2019 held in Manila, Philippines.  Photo credit" ISAAA KC

PH Biotech Community Zooms In on Regulation of Genome Edited Plants in the Country

The Philippines is looking at science-based, market-aligned agriculture, which is the perfect entry for biotech products. This was according to  Dr ...
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Photo credit: UPLB

BIOTECH researchers learn ways to increase research impact

Learnings from a collaboration by the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH) Library and the University Library is ...
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Engineering Yeast To Perform Green Chemistry

By genetically modifying yeast, a team of scientists in Japan has managed to produce 1,2,4-butanetriol in a more environmentally-friendly manner ...
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Healthy female (left) and male (right) Marchantia polymorpha liverworts develop distinctive umbrella-shaped structures when they are ready to reproduce. Researchers at the University of Tokyo and their colleagues around Japan investigated the genetic mechanisms controlling the switch from growth to reproduction.  (Image Credit: Image by University of Tokyo, CC-BY-SA)

To Grow or to Flower: Genes IDed in Early Land Plant Descendant also Found in Modern Crops

Since they first arrived on land, plants have likely been using the same genetic tools to regulate whether they grow ...
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Image for representational purposes | Wikimedia commons | Photo courtesy of ThePrint

GM brinjals are helping Bangladesh farmers earn more, save more, study finds

The study was conducted by US-based International Food Policy Research Institute and the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, a government agency. ...
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Dr. Glenn B. Gregorio, SEARCA Director
Photo by: Jerome Barradas, SEARCA BIC

‘Technology important for 4th agricultural revolution’

“The reality of digitalizing agriculture is won or lost at the farmer level, where applicability and sustainability have to be ...
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As a consequence, the yield per every rice plant would increase, providing the country with yet another option to augment rice productivity. (Image Credit: Deccan Herald)

Genetic Code to Increase the Size of Rice Grain Cracked

Looking for ways to enhance rice yield, Indian plant biologists have cracked a novel genetic code that could nearly double ...
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Ensure Biosafety in Agriculture, Poultry sectors: Bangladesh Agriculture Minister

Ensure Biosafety in Agriculture, Poultry sectors: Bangladesh Agriculture Minister

Agriculture minister Mohammad Abdur Razzaque on Saturday called for taking measures to ensure biosafety in agriculture and poultry industries to ...
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Scientist K. Ibrahim Basha examines the eyes of silkworm under a microscope at the A.P. State Sericulture Research and Development Institute in Anantapur district. (Image Credit: RVS Prasad)

First-ever Genetically-modified Silkworm Awaits Nod from GEAC

A joint effort by sericulture research institute and Hyderabad-based lab World’s first-ever genetically modified silkworm developed at Andhra Pradesh State Sericulture Research ...
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A baker is making mooncakes with synthetic meat. (Image Credit: Xinhua)

Lab-grown Meat Finds Its Way Into Chinese Moon Cakes

Chinese customers who are fed up with traditional flavors of moon cakes such as mixed nuts and bean paste now ...
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Image Credit: SunStar Davao

Attracting More Young Blood Into Agriculture

(First of two parts) I must state that we should never waste time in attracting more of the youth to ...
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Image Credit: SunStar Pampanga

DA Sees Higher Onion, Bt Corn Production

Higher production of onion and Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) corn are projected this year, according to the Department of Agriculture (DA) ...
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Image Credit: Hindustan Times

Agriculture Panel Mulls Use of Genetically Modified Oilseeds in Maharashtra

The high-powered committee on transformation in agriculture – constituted by Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi and comprising nine states – ...
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Image Credit: Pexel

In Pursuit Of Herbicide-Resistant, High-Yield Rice

The gene HIS1 in rice plants is essential for herbicide resistance, say researchers in Japan ...
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Spiber Inc. Representative Executive Officer Kazuhide Sekiyama, right, alongside Goldwin Inc. Director Takao Watanabe, speaks at a press conference in Tokyo to announce the launch of what they claim is the world's first outerwear jacket made with protein material produced via microbial fermentation. (Photo Credit: Kyodo)

Japan Bio Venture to Sell Jacket Made with Synthetic Protein Textile

Japanese biotech venture Spiber Inc. and sports apparel maker Goldwin Inc. on Thursday announced the launch in December of what ...
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