Antarctic Greenhouse Project Raises Potential of Growing Crops in Space and Extreme Climate Conditions

Researchers from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) announced that the Antarctic greenhouse, EDEN ISS, is now fully operational, prompting ideas for growing crops on Mars and the moon as well as climatically demanding regions on Earth such as deserts.

The EDEN ISS greenhouse features a closed cycle in which all water not contained in the plants is reused, similar to that being used in space travel and in deserts.

EDEN ISSResearchers had to deal with negative 45 degrees Celsius (-45° C) during night time but these extreme conditions provide valuable insights for the possibility of producing crops in space, including regions on earth with extreme climates.

They have harvested 35 kilograms of cucumbers, lettuce (39 kg), tomatoes (17 kg), kohlrabi (7 kg) and radish (4 kg) from the greenhouse, supplying food for scientists at a nearby polar research station.


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