SEARCA BIC Takes Part in NBW 2019

Recognizing the need to increase public awareness on how modern biotechnology can help in improving the lives of Filipinos, SEARCA Biotechnology Information Center (BIC) is taking part in the 15th National Biotechnology Week (NBW) from November 25 to 29, at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Quezon City.

The annual National Biotechnology Week celebration is an opportunity for different stakeholders such as students and teachers to participate in different learning activities. SEARCA BIC Project Associate, Dane Medina, facilitates a learning activity with young students at last year’s NBW celebration. (Image Credit: SEARCA BIC)

This year, the celebration is being organized by the Department of Health with the theme: “Biotek: Makabagong Solusyon sa Kalusugan”. NBW 2019 provides an opportunity for the general public to have access to free, credible, and science-based information on the potential of modern biotechnology in providing innovative solutions in the field of public health, agriculture, forestry, natural resources and many others.

“We are very pleased to become part of this activity which highlights advances in biotechnology research in the Philippines and how it helps us in improving and protecting public health”, National Academician for Genetics and SEARCA Director Glenn B. Gregorio says. “For many years, we have benefited much from biotechnology, we must continue finding ways to maximize its potential in improving lives of countless Filipinos. Let us not be afraid to use science and research to fuel national development”, he adds.

Almost two decades ago, SEARCA, in partnership with the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications, established BIC to facilitate knowledge sharing on biotechnology with different stakeholders, promote capacity building, form partnerships with local and international institutions to contribute to an enabling environment for agribiotechnology in Southeast Asia.

“For nearly two decades now, SEARCA BIC has been proactive in conducting various learning events in different parts of the country to provide access to credible and scientific information that is vital in enabling informed decision making among our stakeholders. We would like to encourage everyone to visit the exhibit, be part of the discussions and understand how biotechnology is being used to improve countless lives”, says Jerome Cayton C. Barradas, SEARCA BIC Special Projects Coordinator.


(SEARCA Biotechnology Information Center)